Every language teacher should be able to explain the sounds of the language they teach. They should know exactly how each sound is produced, how to explain it simply, and how to compare with another language. The result should be simple steps, starting with the known language and through often small changes, to make the sounds of the new language. This is illustrated through Arabic and French for English speakers. The method used also provides a new way of teaching and testing phonetics.

An easy way to pronounce the consonants in Arabic

The explanations are in simple English, with reference to the linguistic terminology for those who know them. They are also fun!

pdf version   File: arabicsounds.pdf

Sound files  Points 1-4,              File: arabic1-4.mp3

                    Points 5-10,            File: arabic5-10.mp3


                   Points 10 to end.    File: arabic10-end.mp3

An easy way to pronounce French vowels - for English speakers

Systematic comparisons between French and English are made. Using simple language that a teenager could understand, most of the difficult sounds are made through taking and modifying an English sound.

html version:     frenchvowels.html

pdf version:       File: frenchvowels.pdf