Here I present my favourite programs, my frustrations with existing software, and my great wish list for features and programs that I really need, but cannot find anywhere. I also present my views on how to build an Academic website like this one - needed, because I could not find any help.

My favourite programs   Page: My favourite programs

My wish lists - some simple small things that would make my life much easier, including solving the major problem of referencing what I save from the internet, speeding up editing, and an RSS reader that allows clipping with referencing and annotating.  Page: My wish lists

Building an academic site    Page: Building an academic site

It must be easy, but most help is for glossy sites, not sites like mine which require full referencing. My frustrations with Serif X2.

Tips and tricks - most of them very easy Page: Tips and tricks

Review of PowerDesk Pro version 8

Updated 5 February 2011

Pdf links checkers

First published: 12 February 2011

Here is a full review of three ways to check pdf files for internal and external links. Normal website links checkers do not read pdf files, which is a pity because pdf files form the basis for many serious sites.

In addition, I need a way to check the external links of pdf files that I have on disk.  For some reason there are very few programs that will do this. In fact, there is only one. Read the full review.